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Claude Fullinfaw Brisbane’s Latest Gold Director USANA

Its exciting sharing my journey at the party in honor of us, Vicki and I, going GOLD.

Fun with Brisbane Team

We all met at Pam’s place to celebrate Claude Fullinfaw going GOLD Director this week. Awesome week with all the recognition. Loving it!

The Brisbane USANA Ladies

Look whose showing off!

Diamond Director Dr Karen Wolfe In Brisbane

Brisbane USANA Leaders Myrna Widlen, Vicki Parker and Bronwyn Booth with Dr Karen

USANA Training For Distributors Brisbane

Every 3 months USANA holds special training in Brisbane for all the teams. In addition to this there are trainings each week in the city.

Vicki and Pamela in Brisbane

Silver Director Vicki Parker with Pamela Rodrigues in Brisbane in 2013 during a USANA Business event.

Business Meeting with USANA Leaders

Gold Director Anne Noonan with team member Julie Hall in Brisbane.

Claude Fullinfaw with Karen St Armand in Brisbane

USANA distributors Claude and Karen meeting up at a cafe in Brisbane Valley for a business training in 2012

Vicki with Pam at a USANA Brisbane Event in 2013

Pamela Rodrigues with Vicki Parker at Freestyle Toot in Brisbane during a training break.

Team Bonding Among USANA Distributors

Taking a break between sessions when Dr Karen Wolfe was down in Brisbane.