Home Based Business Opportunity

Excellent home based opportunity in the Health & Wellness Industry. For more information please Click Here

Usana Leader in the Philippines Testimonial

Isah Clerigo is one of my team leaders in Manila and is a great team player and I just love working with her. Read her testimonial!

Vicki Parker in Brisbane sharing

Vicki shares her journey in Usana that she undertook when we started our business way back in 2003. Its been a awesome 10 years.

Alvin Te From Manila Shares His Testimonial

Alvin is a very quiet person and builds his Usana Business silently in the background. He is a lot of fun in the team too.

This is Luke Lee’s testimonial

Luke is part of our weekly Usana Training program now and we love having him join us in Stafford Heights.

This is Paul Te’s Testimonial About His Journey

Paul joined us in USANA in Jan 2012 and has been a great team player and visionary for the team in the Philippines. I owe him a lot for growing the group.

Lui from Manila shares her story

Lui joined us in mid 2013 after she had a great result with USANA Reset. She then was shown the business opportunity through a friend in the Philippines and after she joined I stepped in and helped her with her business building activities. She is a great team player.

Judy Souza from Brisbane shares her story

Judy joined us in mid 2005 after Vicki approached a few times and seeing the difference in Vicki’s health she was open to talk to us. Judy is very passionate now about doing her home based business as well as takes more care about her health. We are happy to have her part of our […]

The Excitement When Running Gold

I could not imagine the number of well wishes I got when we started to rank advance to Gold Director in USANA.

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