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Claude with Michael Herbert in Brisbane

Catching up with friends at a social event in Brisbane.

Toasting To Claude and Vicki Fullinfaw Success

Amazing the praise and warmth we got from so many people when we went GOLD Directors in USANA this week. Its a great rank to attain. So much to come now for us.

Claude Fullinfaw Brisbane’s Latest Gold Director USANA

Its exciting sharing my journey at the party in honor of us, Vicki and I, going GOLD.

Fun with Brisbane Team

We all met at Pam’s place to celebrate Claude Fullinfaw going GOLD Director this week. Awesome week with all the recognition. Loving it!

In Melbourne Jan 2012

Attending the Convention. We stayed at Docklands

Melbourne in 2012

Visiting this grand city in Jan of 2012 was a lot of fun! Docklands in the CBD.

Vikci’s 50th Party

With son Jash at the party in 2012

Chilling Out

Vicki’s Birthday Party was so much fun in 2012 for her 50th.

Enjoying The Sunshine Coast

I love the walking paths around Buddina. The spit is great for long walks.

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