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Hi Coach
I will send you small messages everyday starting today to help you grow your USANA business. These posts are not to conflict with what you learn in OneX8 as they are the parent team for us all.

This just shares my thoughts. You may use it only if you feel it’s needed. So don’t get confused 😀

Today it’s about “Closing Clients”!
I want to change your view on this word – closing. Closing means finishing the deal so we get paid. It focuses us on “gaining” before “giving”.

When someone signs the paperwork we don’t close the deal. Rather we open the partnership between you and them. From that time on a relationship begins. The more fruitful the relationship is the more profitable. This means the work really starts with signing the application. If you don’t work hard with the new distributor and make them earn, make them PPS and successful you will never earn.

So when you are sharing USANA become a consultant who plans to help the client to become financially free rather than a sales person wanting to close deals to earn a bigger check that week. Never have your agenda on the table. Theirs is the agenda. They are not there to give you points to earn more or rank advance. They will only do that if they want it for themselves. Remember that.

A good consultant will help the new person in small but consistent and persistent steps to achieve the income USANA offers.

Learn to listen to clients. Learn to serve more to “Give” rather than “Gain” first.

Happy Day to you today.

Claude Fullinfaw